Staff of BodyMechanix.Onlin

Dagmar Delmarco

Pilates Instructor

I love to cultivate awareness & functionality of movement in individuals.

My formal training in the Pilates discipline started in 2014. BASI Pilates opened my world to meditation in movement. In the time it proved to have a profound impact on centering my mental and emotional well being. It also rebalanced, aligned, and strengthened my body.
BASI Pilates has given me the tools to ensure that the effectiveness and safety of movement are adhered to.

The joy of exercising is what I endevour to promote. Helping individuals realize what new personal grounds can be attained through simple corrective movement.

I wish to encourage people, first entering this facilitated environment too....
"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." - Auther Ashe