Staff of BodyMechanix.Onlin

Ashley Ritchie

Bodymechanix Co-owner

Needing no introductions as you all know her well, if you have not yet had the pleasure, meet Ashley, globally recognised Pilates aficionado and Principal BASI Faculty Presenter. Co-founder of Body Mechanix Wellness Centre and leader of the Body Mechanix and BASI Pilates Johannesburg team. Not only does she host, teach and instruct BASI pilates workshops and certificate programs around the world, Ash also teaches gyrotonics and gyrokinesis with an overall superb level of experience and qualifications. If you are looking to become a quality Pilates Instructor, we believe this is the human and this is the place to start. If you are looking to improve your own body awareness, functionality, mobility and flexibility then this too is the place to join.